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Foam and sponge products for packaging

The Concept Division of Reliant Rubber manufactures and supplies a wide range of rubber and plastic products to all types of industry in the UK and abroad. As specialist Manufacturers, Stockists and Distributors, we can guarantee consistently high quality, at the right price, when you need it.


This division was established directly in response to customer demand. As a specialist rubber engineering company, clients frequently asked our advice about a wide range of complimentary products, their application and where they could be sourced.

With our experience and contacts in the polymer industry we were usually able to assist, even with some of the more obscure requests. As a result, we started to sell a miscellaneous range of products direct to our customers, sourcing only from reputable suppliers.


Felt and cork hand cut to shape Extraction ducting



Polyurethane sheet, rod and cast products

Examples include rubber extrusions, mouldings, rubber sheeting, ducting, self-adhesive sponge, gaskets and a multitude of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, sleeves, rings, bushes, discs and other parts. Just let us know your requirements and we can manufacture or source these for you, finished and packed to suit your individual needs.




We also supply a wide range of engineering plastics (nylon, nylon 6, polycarbonate in rod or sheet form) and fabrication plastics (polycarbonate and perspex) for machine guards etc, felt and cork, specialist filter foams, industrial adhesives and PTFE products. Even where we cannot supply a product, we are always pleased to advise customers to the best of our ability.


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