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mechanical handling

Reliant Rubber has a particularly strong tradition in serving heavy industry throughout the UK, having been founded in the 1980’s as a rubber engineering company dealing directly with some of the largest quarrying and mining companies in the UK, as well as with their suppliers and service providers. Our Heavy Division has established a reputation for high quality and a delivery policy designed to minimise your downtime.


Products and services include the rubber covering of conveyor rollers and drums, drive rollers etc for use in the mechanical handling, food, textile, wood and furniture industries and solid tyres for special purpose vehicles. We can cover, dynamically balance and cut with spiral / helical, diamond, chevron and herringbone pattern according to the customer’s specific requirements.


Conveyor drums in raw state. Tubes being machined to take end discs. End discs welded into position on journal.


Quality and service have always been paramount in all our procedures, with a particular emphasis on fast delivery. We understand the nature of an industry where just a short period of downtime can be catastrophic. As a result we are geared up to provide a response to fit in, wherever possible, with your production schedules. Collection, manufacture, repair and delivery can be timed to take place between shifts, weekends and holidays. We take the time to listen to your individual requirements, then get the job done with the minimum of delay. Our success in meeting tough targets time after time, have rewarded us with a loyal client base. Our customers know they can rely on us and consequently stay with us in the long term.


Our Heavy Division comprises the following sectors: