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Reliant Rubber was founded in the 1980’s as a rubber engineering company, soon establishing a strong reputation in high quality re-covering and refurbishment of rollers in the fastest possible time.


The focal point of the Graphics Division is the manufacture and covering of printing rollers for the print and packaging industries. Quality is of the essence, so most of our rubber compounds are manufactured by British Vita to ensure consistency of production and full technical support from the UK’s largest compound supplier. Rubber specifications are individually designed for each press requirement to ensure optimum performance in the press room environment, both physically and chemically.


We supply the full range of rollers for the graphics market – Inking, Damping, Flexographic, Adhesive, Gravure, Embossing, Varnishing, Coating, Label Print, Feed and Drive rollers. Our in-house engineering facilities allow us to provide additional machining, grooves, spirals etc and to re-build rollers with new bearings if required. We offer a fast, comprehensive repair service such as journal end repairs etc. We are always pleased to advise on any technical problems you may have.

rubber rollers

Manufacturers served include the following:


AB Dick, Adast, Akiyama, Aurelia, Baker Perkins, Crabtree, Diddie, Fuji, Gallus, Harris, Hamada, Heidelberg, Komori, Kopack, Man Roland, Miller, Mitsubishi, Muller, Nilpeter, Olivier, Roland, Ryobi, Sakurai, Stahl (MBO Folders).



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