mechanical handling

mechanical handling

We serve a wide range of heavy industry…

  • Power stations
  • Coal and mineral extraction
  • Bulk handling and storage of all kinds
  • Mobile conveyor users and manufacturers
  • Belt manufacturers and various intermediaries


… manufacturing, refurbishing and servicing a variety of products essential to the mechanical handling sector.


  • Multi-trough type idlers
  • Uni-trough idlers
  • Impact idlers
  • Two-roll troughing idlers
  • Return idlers
  • Impact disc type return rollers


Herringbone Diamond Chevron


  • We use natural abrasive resistant rubber, specifically designed for conveyor drums.
  • For underground usage, all rubber is fire resistant and anti-static (spec. NCB 610/1974) manufactured to BS6899/1984


Compare the Value!

We use Hot Vulcanising to cover all conveyors and drums – the same method utilised for high quality printing rollers. This means we are comparable in price to the inferior cold bonding process, yet much less expensive than other good quality processes.