Mechanical Handling

We use Hot Vulcanising to cover all Rollers, Pulleys, Idlers and Drums. To compliment our hot vulcanised products, we also offer a range of hot and cold ceramic coatings.

We serve a wide range of heavy industry…

  • Power stations
  • Coal and mineral extraction
  • Bulk handling and storage
  • Mobile conveyor users and manufacturers
  • Belt manufacturers and various intermediaries

… manufacturing, refurbishing and servicing a variety of products essential to the mechanical handling sector.

  • Multi-trough type idlers
  • Uni-trough idlers
  • Impact idlers
  • Two-roll troughing idlers
  • Return idlers
  • Impact disc type return rollers

For underground usage, all rubber is fire resistant and anti-static (spec. NCB 610/1974) manufactured to BS6899/1984